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To simplify the shopping experience and eliminate the uncertainty of shipping costs both domestically and internationally all prices include shipping. Note that only the Speedy™ Prop Balancer and Speedy™ Prop Balancer Rod are currently available worldwide.  (International prices will be somewhat higher due to higher costs)

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  • Pilot's Opinion

    We received an order this morning with this great note attached (Thanks Mike!)...   "I have a friend of mine that was a pilot and a mechanic, I showed him your website and he claims your prop balancer looks the... read more

  • Speedy™ Prop Balancer

    The Speedy™ Prop Balancer is a precision instrument designed specifically for the Quadcopters. It was conceived, designed and produced by brothers Joe and Speedy Peacock. Both avid Phantom 1 & 2 pilots, they were dissatisfied with other balancing devices on... read more

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